‘Queen of the Sun’ a film about bees, crisis and hope

Update April 18, 2011
Queen of the Sun opened last weekend in the Bay Area and Nationwide, look for a showing near you, organize a house party, order the DVD… pass it on. Help the bees save us!

Taggart Siegel, an old yoga buddy, has a new film about the current bee collapse, beekeepers and the wonder of bees. The film is now doing film festivals. His previous film “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” was about food, farms and specifically the US family farm on to community farms, so bees were an natural next step in food and agriculture, sustainability. Organize a showing near you. We did house parties for his previous film, “The Real Dirt on Farmer John” and it was big fun. Web site below.

Interview with Taggart Siegel, Director of ‘Queen of The Sun’ and Co-Editor, Producer Jon Betz

Rudolf Steiner’s book mentioned by Taggart:

Brief “Queen of the Sun” Trailer

Queen of the Sun Website

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