Wed. 7/10 6:30pm (pdt) VIDEO excerpt | On Healing: Who exactly CAN listen to this body, IDAM SARIRAM? Only the Ksetrajña. How do we know this One?

In this segment I end up sharing more personal insight into how the teachings of this verse have colored the care for THIS BODY, IDAM SARIRAM, through the challenge of the cancer and healing. There is powerful and accessible healing in this verse that we discuss… Curious if the personal experience is accessible or relevant to your personal understanding?

Here is a Guided Meditation from our Sunday mornings at Valencia Yoga Tree, Dec. 2012. This meditation goes well with the teaching in this class. And I will be posting the IDAM SARIRAM meditations from this Citta Chats™ series as well. The meditations are in the Meditations Album, and will be automatically updated in your yogaNexus MOBILE APP.
~ Karl.

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