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Citta: pronounced ˈchitta for a sanskrit word for ‘consciousness.’

Free virtual Yoga self-study, Svadyaya, course | YouTube playlist(s).
Citta Chats: pronounced ˈchitta for a sanskrit word for ‘consciousness.’

Citta Chats video series is an ongoing collection of discussions with Karl Erb and guests exploring the source texts and teachings of Yoga. The idea came up as we held fun in person discussion groups that were engaging and led some to ask how else they could participate. The videos can capture the concepts in discussion in a way that the blog writing does not, so I see the writing, the in person meetings, the videos, in person meditations, and meditation audio, and soon live webinars all as companion pieces that support and complement each other.

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Citta Chats Videos:
Yoga self-study, Svadyaya, course

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    Citta Chats ~ Introduction: How did you get into Yoga? Why Citta Chats? A personal Journey.
    Citta Chat #1: What is the goal of Yoga? An introduction to yogic texts and principles.
    Citta Chat #2: Am I my thoughts? Deeds? Successes? The body? An exploration into sense of identity, ego and self.
    Citta Chat #3: The Essence of Being, “Svarupa of Atma.” Further explorations on sense of self and identity; Introduces key terms and concepts having to do with perception self and creation: Mithya and Satyam, and the Essence of Being, attributes named in the term “Sat-Cit-Ananda.”

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