Ashtanga Yoga: Samadhi

The Eight Limbs of Yoga, or Asta-anga (Ashtanga) yoga
Yama | Niyama | Asana | Pranayama | Pratyahara | Dharana | Dhyana | Samadhi


III.3 When the object of meditation engulfs the meditator, appearing as the subject, self-awareness is lost. This is samadhi.

The union of subject and object is samadhi.

“Consciousness is devoid of ‘I’ and merges into the core of being in a profound state of serenity, spiritual absorption.” – Iyengar.

Immersion and dissolution as an artist is with color, shade and brush, a musician engrossed in music – but a continuous and effortless state.

“For the yogi, whose art is formless and whose goal has no physical expression like a painting, a book or a symphony, the fragrance of samadhi penetrates every aspect of ‘normal’ behavior, activities and state of being.” – Iyengar.

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