"You continue to be one of the more exciting things about studying yoga in San Francisco!"

Haia S.
yoga student and instructor

You are the first yoga teacher I have ever had, I have been to a lot of classes, but I don't feel I have ever really been taught before. Thank you for that."

Lenlee K.
yoga student

"A grace that hardly seems possible...When I have a question, when I've plateaued in my practice, when answers in words will not suffice - I take Karl's class."

Jonathan Reynolds
Yoga Instructor

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10 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Gayle Olson says:

    I have studied with many teachers and worked with many body practitioners over the years to deal with chronic injuries. In Karl I have found both… a master yoga instructor, who is extremely skilled and compassionate in using yoga to heal injuries. Karl has a level of experience and mastery that is rare in the sea of yoga teachers today.

  2. Mary Janowitz says:

    Karl is a master teacher who combines a truly warm spirit with exceptional teaching. His classes are a perfect blend of spirituality, and physicality. He is so attentive to all his students, creating modifications for their particular problems and instructing us in ways that are truly non-harming. Using demonstrations he is very clear in his instructions, using humor he creates an environment in which we want to work hard within our limitations. His meditation talks are wonderful – I am constantly learning from him. Participating in the meditation before the asana class is a real treat.

  3. Sarah Bruni says:

    Karl’s has become a staple in my yoga practice. He’s unlike most teachers I’ve experienced in that his classes provide a level of communication that I haven’t found elsewhere. His classes facilitate a deeper understanding of poses, of the body, the spirit and the mind. His teaching encourages students to tune in to all of this to develop a complete practice.

  4. Tony says:

    It’s been said that “The art of revealing beauty lies in removing what conceals it”… In Karl’s teaching I’m reminded to seek that beauty that essence of myself that cannot be diminished nor improved upon. Whether practicing asana, meditation or observing his class I’m challenged to call to mind that spirit of one who’s doing his best to learn.
    As a teacher and apprentice of Karl for several years now I find his instruction to be engaging and insightful and I count myself privileged to join into the teacher-student relationship with him. Little by little with determination and sustained enthusiasm I will continue to apply the subtle yet multifaceted teaching that one receives from studying with Karl.
    “On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure. Even a little effort towards spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear.” The Bhagavad Gita chp. 2:40

    Sisya-Tony Garcia

  5. Amy says:

    While my practice ebbs and flows, I find steady and encouraging instruction every time I come to Karl’s class. His teaching is thorough–making sure that students have a chance to understand the essential elements of a pose–not just what the end result should look like. If part of a pose feels “inaccessible,” he breaks it down, so that you can identify that hard-to-find element. Of any classes I’ve taken, Karl’s classes inspire me the most to practice at home. It’s not out of a sense of obligation, but rather because the class helped me grasp something and I want to reinforce it and explore it further. The bottom line for me is that his classes are practical, patient and inspiring.

  6. Emily Saeger says:

    Karl is a wonderful instructor. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding asana, but perhaps more importantly helps his students find inner peace.

  7. Joyce Sabel says:

    Karl has been my yoga teacher for about ten years. His sensitive, skilled teaching continues to guide and inspire my practice. No matter how many yogis are in Karl’s classes, each of us gets individual attention. Sometimes that is an small adjustment that allows the body to work more deeply in the asana, and sometimes it is giving an individual a restorative pose that is appropriate for that person on that day.
    Karl’s deep commitment to the spiritual, physical, and psychological aspects of yoga make each of his classes healing and renewing. I am grateful to be his student.

    Joyce Sabel, MA

  8. cynthia says:

    Karl’s class is filled with clear demonstrations, quality adjustments, and nuggets of wisdom for in and out of class. and, plenty of yogi charm! in his classes of thirty, Karl knows and cares about every student. he pays careful attention and makes you feel like the class is tailored just for you.

    when practicing on my own or with other teachers, i find myself channeling Karl’s insight, adjustments and humor. i am grateful to have found such a solid and grounded instructor. both my body and mind are much saner since taking his class. thank you Karl!

  9. Caroline says:

    I have been studying with Karl since 2005. Words cannot express how much he has taught me.

    He has empowered my acute attention to detail and deep understanding of the subtle actions in my yoga poses. And while his well of physical knowledge is deep, his embodiment of yogic philosophy is also readily available for those who are also available to receive this wisdom.

    Something you should know about Karl is that he defies definition. While his teaching has a clear foundation in the Iyengar system, Karl has his own unique ability to teach you to listen to your body. He teaches YOGA, not a particular discipline.

    Personally, Karl has taught me how to not only DO yoga, but BE yoga. And the best part is his quirky sense of humor. Laughter is powerful medicine.

    Utmost respect to my teacher,

  10. Shanti Priya says:

    Karl is an amazing yoga teacher who taught me to listen to my body, to be more compassionate and patient with others and myself, and to challenge myself to follow a daily asana practice.

    He breaks down all the different components of asanas in simple, clear ways and after some practice when his suggestions finally click in both your mind and body – it is a powerful feeling. I have had many ‘aha’ moments in his classes where I make all sorts of connections.

    The simplicity in how Karl teaches belies a wealth of knowledge and understanding both of how our bodies work, and of how our minds can sometimes play games with us.

    Karl has a playfulness about him that he incorporates into his teaching and it makes his classes so much more meaningful and fun.

    And, this may sound out there, but Karl has a light or something about him. I know that he is human like all the rest of us with all of our daily challenges that we have to get through. But every time I take his class, I feel so special and I am so honored that he is sharing his light with me and the rest of the people who take his classes. Thank you Karl!

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